Fastronaut: communication consultant, strategist, web builder and media producer.

Hi. My name is Bram Van Oost.

I’m an experienced Communication Consultant, Strategist, Web Builder & Media Producer.
A strategic mind with technical know-how, for agencies, companies, startups and people with ideas.

I work with my network of specialists to deliver greatness.

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The clear story, identity and personality of an idea, product or brand is essential.

Let us help you define the story and the vision for yourself, your stakeholders and your audience.

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Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin.

The plan, the how and when, aligned with the vision and mission, to get to your goal efficiently.

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Your great idea coming to life, using the proper tools, best practices and technology.

A website, web app, branding, marketing initiative or crazy idea, we have the expertise and experience.

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MarCom agencies, Furniture Design & Manufacturing, Payments, Big Data, Media, Radio, TV, Publications, Data Processing, festivals, illustrators, deejays, pharmaceutical, government, transport, education and more.
Quinze & Milan
Studio Brussel
De Lijn
Gent Jazz
Jazz Middelheim
oneDot only

Quinze & Milan Press Room

March 2014

For Quinze & Milan, we built a new press room.

  • FTP only (no database required)
  • Authentication
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for known file types
  • Custom icons for known file types
  • Analytics

It’s now very easy for press, partners, agents or other interested parties to find and download pictures, PDF’s, 3D files, etc.

WASBAR website

August 2013

With the designers at Tigerous, we created the new WASBAR website in honor of the opening of their second location in Antwerp, Belgium.

WASBAR is a laundromat meets bar meets social events, where you can do your laundry while having a coffee or beer.

New online Press room for Quinze & Milan

June 2013

To handle the daily load of requests for imagery, we’re building a brand new File Island.

  • Authentication required
  • FTP only (no database needed)
  • Custom icons based on file type
  • On-the-fly thumbnail generation for images
  • Activity tracking
  • Sorting options (file name, type, last modified, etc.)

Quinze & Milan Facebook Love application

May 2013

For Quinze & Milan, we wrote a Facebook application that checks if the visitor liked the page.

  1. Not Liked? Frowny face and call to action to like the page
  2. Liked? Love + Personalized PDF generation for discount

This application can be applied to a myriad of situations.
The linked action after detecting the like could be anything, from talking to a different system to storing email addresses for contests.

Acts, not ads. Get your likes up with great brand experience.

Contact us for more information.

Facts Of Belgium launched!

April 2013

As a test, and yes, pretty much for fun, we created Facts Of Belgium, a website with awesome, remarkable or strange facts about Belgium.

The website is responsive, speed and SEO optimized (caching, compression, lazy loading, and more fancy tricks).

Payston Identity & Branding

March 2013

For a client in the payment business, we did a naming exercise and logo design, as a first part of the communication plan.

Welcome, Payston!

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