Having 100000 visitors a day is worthless if it doesn’t help your business.

For those unfamiliar with the term – the “conversion rate” is how many people buy, contact or perform an action, in comparison to the number of visitors.
So a “conversion” could be a sale, contact, download or other action.

Google AdWords is a great and relatively cheap way to drive more potential customers to your website for more ROI and conversion rates, using advertising on Google.com and it’s affiliate programs and websites.
It offers a powerful platform and detailed insights into your ad campaign, making sure it can be optimized quickly for best results.

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is the world’s most used analytics platform, giving you incredibly detailed insights into your visitors origin, patterns and behavior.
Combined with Google AdWords and external marketing campaigns, you have a transparant and 360° overview over your campaigns, the people you attracted and – most importantly – where the conversion happened.

Usability and A/B testing

A/B TestingWe can detect the flaws or bottlenecks on your websites to increase conversion rates and profit, in terms of usability and SEO.

A/B testing allows you to try different scenarios or paths to conversion in order to detect the best one and increase conversion rate.


If you’re running a webshop, you can activate targeted ads to drive potential buyers to your shop.
We can track the visitor’s behavior and optimize the campaigns and the website / landing pages to increase conversion rate and tell you exactly how and how much you’re earning through your campaign.

Same principle when you’re running a business, where the goal is to get contact forms filled in by potential clients.


We have been managing Adwords campaigns and Analytics reports for national and international clients, working for various agencies, publishers and companies.

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